Dead Reckoning Dead Reckoning Module

Dead Reckoning Solutions

Electronic Navigation Solution for When GPS Fails

When a GPS-based navigation system loses its fix due to indoor or obscured environments, look to Honeywell’s Dead Reckoning technology to keep your position location.

Honeywell’s Dead Reckoning Module (DRM®) is the first commercially available practical implementation of drift-free dead reckoning navigation system for use by personnel on foot.

Honeywell’s dead reckoning products contain options including a tilt-compensated magnetic compass, electronic pedometer and barometric altimeter to provide a continuous deduced position. A microprocessor performs dead reckoning calculations and includes a Kalman filter to combine the dead reckoning data with GPS data when it is available. The filter and other proprietary algorithms use GPS data to calibrate dead reckoning sensors for typical dead reckoning accuracy of 2% to 5% of distance traveled, entirely without GPS.

Dead Reckoning Modules The Dead Reckoning Modules are miniature, self-contained, electronic navigation units that provide the user's position relative to an initialization point.